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Oct '12

A Four Hour Commute.

Out of the motel before 9am which should put in me in Seattle in time for the wine tasting that starts at 2pm… just barely made it with the freakish Seattle traffic… that and I close today as well.

Thank goodness for cruise control – just set it 5mph over and don’t worry about it.

It was wild at the wine tasting – at two there was a swarm of people and we were out of the sample bottles at 4pm and had to open something else to serve the rest of the day. Decent day money-wise.

WoodWorkerJosh stopped by at the end of the day to drop off some of his whiskey and wine experiments (and give me $15 for his web domain renewal), then it was off to Swandas for dinner. Andouille sausage, carmamelized onions, slaw, and a nice bottle of Madrona Wines Monthly Four Vines Petite Syrah.

How annoying that:

  1. The city now has pay parking up to 8pm
  2. I can no longer park underground at Swandas with the new gate system – they even switched to a fob in/fob out system meaning you just can’t use someones card to let a third party out.

Well, I guess that cinches Swanda moving next March (or is it April).

The rest of my evening was spent packing to Sunday’s trip to Portland to visit the boys (Jameson and Julian). I’ll be leaving from work so it’s pack and load now.

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