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Oct '12

Owner Re-Education.

Well, once again I’ve gone for the $100 Amex Card to listen to their spiel. Luckily this one is a catered breakfast and an sit-down group update which I actually get a couple of prizes for knowing how WorldMark works – gift bags with candy which I’m sure will appeal to SeasideBoy.

Then comes the sales push. In an ideal world I’d have 63,000 points rather than my current 35,000. Downside? Even at Preferred pricing that’s like $51,000 – and you only get preferred pricing based on a history of not carrying the loan with then (which they end up selling off for 70 cents on the dollar – something that I didn’t know before today). The quandary is that if I was working more I’d sign on, but it I worked more then I wouldn’t have the time to take off.

Other than that it was a lazy day at the coast – couple of errands to run, Fred Meyer for a few last minute things including a set of Tickle Me Elmo boxers (not for me), and to ATT to get his phone turned back on for text.

With his Xbox fixation we didn’t even get to the movie I’d picked up at the front desk.

Dinner was a repeat of Monday but with the addition of three little lamb steaks and the ability to use the grill as the wind had died down. He claimed he didn’t like lamb but posted to FaceBook later that it was awesome – I think what he didn’t like is mutton, rather than tiny t-bones.

My final night in Seaside alas.

[? ? ?] No carbs today unless you count that piece of Halloween-size candy I snarfed.

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