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Oct '12

Day Three Of My Long Week.

I’m on opening duty this morning so it’s out of the house at 10:15 – normally would be 10:30, but Saturdays I need to be early to put out the two additional A-Board signs announcing the tasting at 2.

Today’s tasting? A line up of two whites, two reds and a dessert – all French. Details here.

Nice crowds throughout the afternoon, which is good because it was dead, dead, dead in the 11-2 pre-tasting hours.

Left at 4:30 or so, stopping at The Bar-B-Que Pit for a “half” pound of ribs from Pookie – and once again, that “half” pound weighed in at a pound and a half, and I don’t think it there was a pound of sauce on those ribs. The box had 6 or 7 good sized pork ribs, and that was my dinner with a little wine. I totally forgot that I still had cole slaw in the fridge – guess that will be tomorrow’s lunch at the shop. That would be day four of four for me.

My evening was spent watching junk television and going through 175 names from the Summer Faerie Gathering to checking them against the database – which I wouldn’t have had to do if summer’s Queens Registrar they had used the master spreadsheet rather than creating one from scratch. Oh well. Only got though half of the names. At least I don’t need it done for another month.

Fell asleep on the couch watching Saturday Night Live. It must not have been that funny.


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