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Oct '12

Monday, Monday.

A little work today in the form of a winetasting at 1pm at Cordon Selections – lots of Italian wines, and nice appetizers to boot.

Not a bad way to start an afternoon.

With the tasting done I popped next door to Daniel Smith with the intention of doing some early Christmas shopping for my bro-in-law the artist. Usually I can find something really cool on sale or on the markdown rack. Not today. Damn. Well, there is time, it just needs to be before mid-December when I head back to Santa Fe.

Still no upgrade on my flight to Vegas on Tuesday. Maybe it will happen at check-in – cross your fingers.

A quick run to Safeway for groceries and gas, got some steaks for the freezer off the 30% rack.

And one of those steaks went on the plate tonight.


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