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Oct '12

Sin City.

First Full Day.

SalamanderHellbender wandered the strip while I slept in. It was a little after 10 when I wandered beyond the walls of this particular fantasy land.

And it must be somebodies fantasy land because it’s 10am in the morning and people are wandering around with mini-Coronas in their hand – not to mention the plastic Eiffel towers filled with strawberry daiquiris.

Met up with Salamander in front of Walgreens (checked the Evan Williams index, $24.99, same as Oregon, $6-8 more than California) and we strolled for a bit – he found the location of Krave, a seriously upscale gay-bar that they probably won’t let us in as we aren’t hip enough:

At 11 it was time for a little food for me (Salamander had a light breakfast so he needed food as well). Off to Pinks, the legendary LA-based Hot Dog stand in the Planet Hollywood Complex around the corner. I call all these places “complexes” because casino gambling is such a part of their business.

I had the Ruben Dog (hot dog, grilled pastrami, Swiss, sauerkraut), Salamander had the regular chili dog. Not bad. Wouldn’t mind trying the original one in LA next time I through.

Here are some random shots from the strip starting with the front of our hotel:

Like I said, the paint on the ballon is fading.

And other random shots:

No crossing the street at ground level on the Strip – pedestrian overhead walkways everywhere.

And for that afternoon snack – how to reheat nachos in a hotel room (without using the iron, though I thought about that):

5pm will find us a Mon Ami Gabi for an early dinner courtesy of the Wyndham “Adventure” – you’ll get the report tomorrow.

You will also get the report on how SalamanderHellbender fares tonight getting into Krave – I’ve decided to bag going out for GoGo Boys.

Apparently I’m not Sin City material.

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First Full Day.

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