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Nov '12

Running Errands In The Desert

Well, Bliss left this morning, and left behind this charming black man who needed to get to the Indio bus station after losing his ride back to LA.

After the bus station, a charming double-wide in a big parking lot with a portable bathroom trailer parked next to it, it was off to run errands in the desert.

  • Trader Joes (booze)
  • CVS (booze)
  • Toyota Dealer (dome light lens)
  • Cardinos (ceviche and things for Craig to take back to LA)

All the booze is to fill the empty Styrofoam shipper that came down filled with wine. When booze is half the price in California (as compared to Washington) you (or at least I do) tend to stock up.

Amazing how driving around for a couple of hours (even if you are just the passenger) in the desert cities is taxing – who both took power naps on our return.

Dinner was the leftover stock from the Osso Bucco earlier in the trip, with the chicken and celery from the other night added, and the remaining sausages from last night –sort of a gumbo like dish that was damn tasty. Damn tasty enough that Craig is taking home what little remains.

Watched a depressing, but oddly funny movie called The Lost Weekend with Ray Milan and Jane Wyman (Ronald Regan’s first wife). I put it in the same category with The Days of Wine and Roses – movies about out of control drunks.

Last evening in the heat and sun.


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