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Nov '12

My Time Of The Month.

My Work Friday.

Work from 12-7, then entertain from 8-midnight. That was my day.

The details?

  • Nine deliveries – boxes everywhere and they were mostly put away by the time the regulars started showing up after 3:30
  • Decent sales for a Friday, made up for a crappy Wednesday for Jim in sales
  • Home to make lamb chops and spinach (can you tell spinach was on sale this week).
  • Atlas in town for a gay bowling league tournament – hoping he’ll win enough to by the Miata – and staying tonight in the guest bedroom
  • Conversation and laughter late in the evening, but no WII bowling – as he said, he’d have to use his left hand as to not accidentally strain his bowling arm before the tournament
  • Should have gone to bed earlier as I need to get him fed and up the hill to Roxbury Bowl in time for him to start bowling at nine

On the good news side, accordingly to my sister-in-law and my aunt, Dad was a Chatty Cathy today in person and on the phone. Apparently it’s one day to the next — or maybe they got his meds adjusted better.

And in more news on the good side, the ice machine is up and running, taking up 1/3 less counter space, but the cubes smaller and the batches smaller, but it’s so nice to not have to turn on/turn off the machine and manually move the ice to the bucket.


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My Work Friday.

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