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Nov '12

Kegs Ordered.

Wine In.

Got the kegs ordered before heading to the shop for the monthly Thursday tasting — this month it’s French from bubbles to dessert.

So, here is what I ordered:

You will have to imagine the logo burned onto the front of the keg. The 2-liter size measures 5″ in diameter and 7.5″ long.

Well, except that I also ordered a 3-liter and a 1-liter “Saint Bernard” version – no stand, just a dog collar mount. Why does that sound kinky.

And you should have seen me trying to wedge 7 cases (and 10 bottles) of 2006 Pouilly Fuissé that I picked up for a buck a bottle. Needless to say, it isn’t drinkable, but it is distillable. White wine just doesn’t hold together as long as red wines (think tannins). Here is a shot of the stack in the garage – 3 cases in the trunk, 5 in the passenger seat, and I had room for one more – if I’d broken down cases, probably could have stuff another two cases of singles in the gaps:

Off to a last minute “Port Tour” tomorrow morning – as is The Port of Tacoma. Stay tuned for pictures.

Time to set the alarm.


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Wine In.

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