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Nov '12

Geek Tour Day

Port of Tacoma

Up and out early this morning for a bus tour (complete with senior citizens from a local old-folks home) of the Port of Tacoma. When I last did this a year ago it was a rainy, drizzly day – at least today’s tour was merely overcast.

So, today’s photos:

Out on the docks in the middle of the action.

If you own a Kia in the Northwest, it probably came in through the Port of Tacoma.

And for the last photo of the day… who to squeeze a 500-bottle wine cooler into a Toyota Prius:

The cooling unit is sitting on the front passenger seat. Breaks down like a piece of IKEA furniture. Not a bad deal for DancingBear — $350 which works out to 70 cents a bottle – and hopefully he’ll come to the shop and fill it up!


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Port of Tacoma

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