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Nov '12

Dinner With Bliss

Most of the day was as dead as a morgue at the shop, even with the art opening for Suze’s sky paintings… luckily there were a couple big spenders at the end of the day that pulled us to where we needed to be. The odd Sunday conundrum – how to get more sales on Sunday. Maybe I should open a nice bottle and call it Super Bottle Sunday.

Off to a dinner with Mr. Bliss after shop hours. Chicken parmesan minus the noodles as we are both on low-carb routines, a little asparagus, a nice salad, and the remnants of the tasting wines from today.

I did get a chance to scope out the condo next to his – 1300 s/f, two bedroom, $399K, $700 monthly maintenance dues… think I’ll keep my little place in the hood.

Back home before 8 to print up the postcard calls for the winter gathering.


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