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Nov '12

Errands And Faeries.

To the post office for $300 worth of postcard stamps, to Home Depot for a snow shovel and de-icer for the shop, guaranteeing no snow this winter, some washers for the new shop sign (see below) and a new shower curtain liner and soap dish for me.

Speaking of the banner, here is what it looks like:

Now, imagine that 30″ x 11 feet. I think that will stand out.

Back from the errand run, time to stamp 500 postcards and go back to the post office to get them in the mail.

Now it’s just time to work on the PayPal buttons, start to work on the fill-outable PDF of the registration form for the winter gathering, work on the website and stay up way too late.

Luckily there was a steak to tide me over.


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