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Nov '12

First Tuesday Open For The Season.

Today is our first Tuesday open of the season and it was as all days are, a weird up and down. We did 50% more than last year’s numbers… not bad. We will see how the Wednesday before Thanksgiving goes. This is the “booze and buffet” season, which Jim politely refers to as the “Wine and Dine” season – you tell me when you get a complete meal out of this season…

This is going to be the busy season for the shop, and with me trying to get the rest of the miles I need for Alaska MVP Gold. Expect truncated posts except when I’m getting those last miles.

Actually got around to calling the insurance company to get the dings out of my Miata in prep for sale – because of the piece of walnut bedframe falling on the car – bounce, glass (crack) bounce – we’ll see what the adjustor says the bill is: with collision, mine will be $100.

Rest of free time working on the winter gathering site (www.cascadiafaeries.org).

Fajita stir-fry for dinner.

And more work on the site.


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