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Nov '12

How I Spent My Turkey Day.

By Mark Stephen Souder.

Well, Turkey Day is a working day for me – well, at least from 11am-3pm. Not expecting huge sales (last year $350), but people do really like it that we are open for those last minute wine emergencies.

Jim came up around noon to hang our new sign banner:

It’s still got some wrinkles, but it needs to stretch out a bit before we can tighten it – and it doesn’t help to have that damn garland in the way.

While Jim was doing that (sometimes with help from me), I was working the counter and putting in the new shelf unit into the bathroom/storage room to make more space available. Here is the end result:

The new shelves are to the right, above the toilet. The shelves to the left are reorganized so that it’s easier to see the “wines on hold” names for quick access. With the microwave moved to the shelf it gives us flat service to stack extra glasses on (bottom right). Still to be done is the stand to the right of the sink to hold the icemaker (lower shelf) and provide a little counter space to prep the cheese and crackers for the tastings.

A last minute rush of customers meant we exceeded last year’s sales, and made me a little late getting to Suze’s place for a turkey day dinner. There was a little “competition” over what kind of gravy to make, and I must confess that I would have preferred both of them a little thicker:

I left around 7:30 to get back home safe and sound. Longer I would have stayed around, the more likely to be sleeping on somebody’s floor.

Happy Turkey Day.


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By Mark Stephen Souder.

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