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Nov '12

Post T-Day Dinner With Swanda.

Before I get to dinner, finished up getting the MailChimp email list set up for the Winter Gathering – it’s a free service works get if you don’t have to send out tons of emails but still have a lot of members on your list. Got the call designed, send out, and only 23 bounces (2.9% according to the site). Now comes the fun part of going through the database and updating it, and sending snail-mail postcards to the bouncy people.

As for dinner, here is the before:

That would be a “Moose Loaf” according to Swanda. Half moose (thanks Alan in Juneau), half lamb, wrapped in bacon.

And the whole meal:

With a load of pencil-thin asparagus and a big salad. No carbs here except for the wine.

Good dinner, good to see Swanda, still didn’t get to bed early.



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