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Nov '12

Dinner Party Day.

A lazy morning after last night’s rambunctiousness. The big goals for the afternoon are a little thrift shopping (didn’t find anything – was looking for some new shorts for the Hawaii trip next week) and a lemon to stuff into the cavity of the bird that Helene is bringing over (and grabbed a few more things for the pupu platter).

Folks started showing up around 5 – that would be the aforementioned Helene, along with Hummingbird and BamBam – and did I remember to get a portrait of all of us, no – just like last night. No documentation.

In addition to the contribution of a happy, organic bird, she also showed up with pre-prepped vegetables to go under the bird and chicken stock to make gravy. This from the woman who couldn’t boil water a couple of years ago. Add in a piece of flank steak on the griddle, a nice big salad and a huge loaf of bread and you have a damn fine meal when accompanied by the requisite white and red wines.

A lovely evening of laughter and conversation – we must be in the midst of the booze and buffet season.

To bed by midnight tonight!

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