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Nov '12

The Casks Have Arrived! The Casks Have Arrived!

Was out of the condo around 11 and off to the border. The signs said 40 minute wait at Peace Arch and 20 minutes at Pacific Crossing – went for the Pacific Crossing as they give me a 10% discount off Duty Free with my Nexus Card. Nothing beats even cheaper duty free.

And nothing beats the Nexus Card – there were only 4 cars in front of me in line – so much for that 20 minute wait.

Next stop is the apartment to pick up the three custom casks that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. Don’t they look cute?

And I plan on using the “St. Bernard” style one as a sporran to go with my kilt:

Now I have the two smaller casks filled – need to set up the equipment again to work through those eight cases of wine in the garage to fill the other two (with plenty left over!).

A quiet night at home catching up on email and whatnot.

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