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Dec '12

Bubbles And Packing, But Not Bubble Wrap.

Up and out to open the shop – gonna be a long day with an after-hours Grower Champagne Tasting. Turnout was more than we expected as people brought unreserved additions meaning a little less champagne for everyone, but not noticeable so. Here is a shot from the security camera (and the reason I moved it to its current location):

Dollar wise it was a good day – lots of expensive champagne going out the door, more in special orders.

Then it’s off to Swanda’s for dinner with Wonderfool (and Swanda). Pork loins over potatoes/onions/carrots, slaw, roasted brusel sprouts. Good conversation, but had to leave at 9 to come home and pack.

Do you think this is too much for four nights in Waikiki?

Maybe I should have gone with just the Speedo and a toothbrush.


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