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Dec '12

Breakfast In Seattle,

Lunch In Bellingham,

Dinner At 35,000 Feet

Late Night Snack In Waikiki.

It’s going to be a long day of driving, flying, and walking.

Eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast, and out the door at 9:45 headed to Bellingham.

Met SurfBetty in downtown for Korean Food at the Stone Pot only to find it closed. Then conveying to a Japanese Restaurant near SB’s place in the north end only to find it closed (damn Mondays). Ended up at a lovely Vietnamese place nearby which was cheap and lovely.

After a great lunch (Chicken Pho [soup] for SB, summer roll and chicken-lime salad for me) it was off to the airport arriving WAY in advance of my flight and in the middle of an Allegiant Air flight to Vegas I believe since I didn’t see anyone dressed for warm weather (they now fly to Hawaii as well).

Short line at check-in being a Gold First Class person – apparently if I wanted to take tomorrows flight they would have given me $400, which would have been more than the ticket cost me. Bad timing unfortunately with meeting up Joe and Lisa tomorrow. And you know how much I love getting bumped. Dollars, miles, the works.

Had a couple of Manhattans at Scotty Browns and got caught up with all the emails and blog posts for both me and the business, and then it was onto the flight. I left my jacket in the car since I didn’t want to drag it around Hawaii for four days so it means I’ll freeze my nipples off on Saturday morning as well – hopefully it won’t be raining cats and dogs.

About an hour in, dinner was served:

  • Mixed Greenswith Soy Citrus Glazed Chicken, edamame and Madarin Oranges
  • Warm Hawaiian Sweet Roll
  • Kalbi Beef Ribs with Korean BBQ Sauce
  • Sticky Rice
  • Stir Fried Zucchini
  • Tropical Trifle for dessert

Not bad for airline food. Manage to drink them out of Scotch in the six-hour flight so someone else up front must have been helping.

Here is the view from Honolulu International Airport on my arrival. The Chinese Garden you see in the foreground is actually behind security in the airport. But oddly enough, no smoking.

Caught the shuttle into town, dropped the bags and headed out for a late night snack of Kaulia Pork from Ono Cheesesteak which has taken the place of L&L near the Royal Kuhio where I’ve stayed in the past. The Royal Garden where I’m staying this time is about 4 blocks north (meaning further from FoodLand, the closest full service grocery store). And no, I didn’t eat the two scoops of rice, but I did eat the tiny scoop of mac salad.

The room is nicer that the other Wyndams I’ve stayed at in Waikiki, though there are some “odd things”:

Wine glasses, but no corkscrew

No cutting board or knives

No cooktop, but I knew that so I brought the electric skillet

I’ll try and get some pictures tomorrow.

But for now, it’s time for bed.



2 Responses to “Breakfast In Seattle,

Lunch In Bellingham,

Dinner At 35,000 Feet

Late Night Snack In Waikiki.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Oh it could be fun depending your arrival. Snow forecast Friday night/Saturday morning! Aloha-ha-ha! Off to airport to fetch Damon.

  2. markso Says:

    Oh bloody hell, and I left the jacket in the car!