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Dec '12

New Day, New Unit.

Here are some shots of the non-handicap units.

Still no burners – good thing I brought the hot plate!

Didn’t fire up the hot plate this morning – ate leftovers from last night. Think Chinese breakfast.

We were out of the units a little before 10 and headed to the Kanaka Ukulele factory tour. I’d done it before, but thought Joe and Lisa would enjoy it (which they did).

Next up was the Aloha Bowl Flea Market. Not as packed as it usually is according to the vendors. Cause: very muggy weather, but overcast so you don’t have all the heat from open sun.

After a couple of hours and only covering half of the flea market we set out for something air-conditioned: Hilo Hattie. Yes, more shopping – and here it the result from the flea market:

Fabric for something, maybe a shirt? ($10 for three yards)

And who couldn’t resist Christ nailed to a surf board – looks great draped in puca shells. ($15, down from $18)

Three new Hawaii shirts from Hilo Hatties. (1 @ $4.99, 2@ $9.99)

Joe and Lisa headed back to the windward side of the island while I had the remaining leftovers for dinner.

In for the night – my dogs are barking (my feet are killing me).


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