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Dec '12

Random Hawaii Photos.

Eggs in the skillet this morning – luckily the eggs were done by the time I smelled smoke. Will research when I return to Seattle.

10:30 appointment for a Wyndham time-share sales pitch for $125. Might have gone for it (cheapest option $18K for bi-year), but everything is on hold with dad circling the drain. I know that sounds cruel, but if I don’t treat it with humor I get maudlin (according to sis-in-law).

So, in that vein, we have pictures from the trip that are just…odd and in no order:

Picture number one: MAGNUMS of really expensive wine in the local FoodPanty – really — $105-$230 magnums of wine in Wiakiki? Thinking wrong audience, hence Manager’s Specials on two of them. Wish I could see the original price on those Manager’s Specials!

Wondering about punctuation. Family name, or just missing a comma or two.

Pig kills goose….. and….. From Chinatown in Honolulu.

Aloha Hawaiian camouflage. Honest, it’s a cell-phone picture and I didn’t realize I’d blend in so much.

And apparently I’m cooking too much with no kitchen, which means I have to wash the dishes.

And why was this parked a block over – that is freaking stunning.

Just kicked around Waikiki today after the active yesterday. Picked up some chicken to go with the leftover kimchi and seaweed salad – opened a bottle of red and worked on packing the suitcase for tomorrow’s return flight. Luckily got upgraded.

Aloha all.

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