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Dec '12

Final Day Of Hawaii…This Year.

Recounting a long day… up with a wakeup call at 7, rolling over until 7:30, coffee on, eggs reheated, out the door around 9, headed for the North Shore.

We did the slow trip up the east side. Most folks just go straight up the island, we did the circle route.

Apparently they decorate trees on the north end.

Here is a little video tour of our east coast of Oahu run:

And then it is on to Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck – Darcy turned me on to this two years ago on my trip with SurfBetty.

And then off to Bonsai Pipeline and other surf spots – no, we didn’t surf, I used the free chair I found (and fixed) on the beach to watch the surfers.

And then it was off to Honolulu for the Tin Man Mailman, a retro Hawaianna storef (Joe bought a Tiki Mug), then off to one of the oldest Tiki Bars in Honolulu located in the industrial districts – La Mariana Sailing Club )Joe bought a Tiki Mug):

Love the blowfish lanterns over the bar. Then off to a fabric store where Lisa bought fabric to recover Joe’s Tiki Bar chairs, and I bought 100% cotton fabric featuring space shuttles loaded with pineaples – I kid you knot. Sorry, no photo.

We didn’t make it to the Duke’s statue as Friday night traffic was hell getting into Waikiki, so we turned around and headed to the airport to drop me off.

Fun trip – 4 hours in the Delta Sky Club room next to the Japanese Garden behind security at the Honolulu International Airport (reminds me of Seoul, South Korea)… free drinks, free snacks, free wi-fi.

Plane leaves at 11:45pm, arrival 7:55am and I’m to work at 1:30pm for a bubbles tasting.

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