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Dec '12

Hit The Ground Running.

Plane landed half an hour late or so due to a couple of passengers we for some reason declined to board – meaning they had to go search for their bags in the cargo hold.

Me, I slept a bunch of the way home, but not enough of it to keep me from napping for half an hour at the rest area midway from Bellingham to Seattle, and then napping for another hour at home before heading into the shop to work the tasting to close shift.

And what a shift it was – slammed from 2 til 5, bottles barely lasted until 4 and we opened up another bottle of the first two in the tasting. Completely sold out of stock on two of the sparklers. Yes, it was a bubbles tasting and that always draws a crowd.

Sale rep John took this shot of the bottles in the bath:

Me, I took a photo of the mess in the back room after the tasting. Guessing that one load tonight and other one first thing tomorrow on my Sunday shift.

We actually ran out of champagne glasses near the end, and we have a rack and a half of them. Good day for sales – up 73% over last year.

After work it was a tree trimming party at Ross and Joes place – we supplied the wine for their commitment ceremony last summer – and the now have their license for the real thing, but that will be a small family ceremony with the same officiant as before. I didn’t stay all that long. The combination of lack of sleep and not wanting to drink and drive were the contributing factors.

With the meatballs at the party (and cheese and salami) it was a late steak dinner (with half saved for breakfast) followed by a little more shop work – someone I know came in and bought 5 gift certificates, wiping us out of our stash from last year. Spent some time printing up a big stack along with the envelopes they go in.

Saturday night live and then to bed.


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