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Dec '12

Headed To Santa Fe.

Wish It Was For A Better Reason.

Up early – but apparently Swanda and BF were up even earlier – I still had 15 minutes before they were due, but outside they are. Me – I still needed to shower.

Off to the airport to catch a flight to LAX, then transferring to the Amtrak via the Flyaway Shuttle, where Craig picks me up for lunch before I board the train a little before six.

The view from 35,000ft of Crater Lake:

Not bad for a cellphone camera. And of LA’s airport icon:

And a couple of shots from Union Station in LA:

Dinner on the train – Lamb Shanks, which they always do a good job with, then back to the cabin for a nightcap, and early to bed.

But before I go, one humorous photo – fabric that I got in Hawaii – featuring the space shuttle using its robotic arm to unload pineapples.

Guess it’s time for those shirt lessons from Suzanne.


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Wish It Was For A Better Reason.

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