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Dec '12

Car In The Shop.

Nothing like waking up at 8am on a couch. Better than driving home after a few latkes.

By 8:30 I was at Thoroughbred Collision in West Seattle, and by 9am I was home back in bed. It was a late night where Jill had to drive two of the revelers home (well, Lucas could have walked, barely in his condition though).

Hopefully they will be able to install the louder horn while they are fixing the front passenger fender, rear passenger fender, and replacing the windshield glass. Hopefully it won’t be done until Thursday (for pickup Friday morning before work) since I’m in Portland tomorrow and Thursday.

Went to go run some errands in my mother’s Miata only to find that the battery had gone flat from a month of not being driven – well, that’s what they make chargers for and half an hour later I was off to the auto parts store for a license plate frame that would partially obscure the tabs on the plate that are out of date. It’s insured, it’s registration just didn’t get renewed.

Safeway next, then the bank, then home to start unpacking and putting away the stuff I drug home from Santa Fe.

Here is the Russell Wright stuff:

A pitcher and 10 assorted sized sorbet/champagne classes.

After that it was getting the labels finished for the mini-bottles of hooch that I taking to Portland on Wednesday:

I was really surprised that the labels fit so well on those tiny sample bottles left over from the Spanish Vermouth tasters. Not perfect, but not bad. Thanks Tony for the front label artwork.

Off to bed.

[? ? ?] New scale on Wednesday.

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