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Dec '12

Hello Portland.

Out of the house at 5:30, car to the airport off-premises parking, through security, and into the Board Room a couple of minutes before 6am – that might be a new record. I wasn’t expecting to be able to use the Pre line at the airport (expedited screening) since I’m travelling on a one-way ticket.

Flight would have been OK if the large guy next to me had taken off his bulky padded jacket – it sort of made him look like the Michelin Man. For a 45 minute flight it was OK, just annoying.

Took MAX into the city (that would be Portland’s Light Rail line), getting to Julian’s place at 10 where I promptly curled up on the couch under a blanket. He was still asleep upstairs, and quickly I was asleep downstairs.

Off to lunch at the Fishwife on Lombard – wonderful lunch, great fish.

Next stop was the butcher to get a boneless prime rib for tonight’s dinner. Here is my cheat sheet for timing:

What I didn’t know is that his oven door spring is a little sprung, just like Lunetta’s in Berkeley that I fixed with a bungee cord – unfortunately, no bungee cords in the house so dinner was a little late and a little rare, which is OK with prime rib.

And the table for four:

And a little holiday picture…

Might put that one on FaceBook as a Christmas profile pic.

Lovely evening conversation with Julian, his girlfriend, and roommate Alan, but soon after, Julian was out for the count:

Me, I just headed downstairs, turned on the portable heater and curled up in bed.

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