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Dec '12

More Work And Food.

Just another day of work and food… with work running a little late with a last minute rush at 5pm, leaving me getting home at a quarter to six with guests arriving at six. Luckily the guests got lost and were running a little late as well.

The menu:

  • Butter lettuce salad with tangerine slices in a local (12th & Rose) blackberry vinegar with olive oil dressing
  • Roasted fennel heart
  • Saffron Rice
  • Coho salmon in puff pastry with wasabi sauce
  • Sparkling Albariño from Bonny Doon Vineyards

And the dessert course, which I rarely do:

  • Ex-boyfriends from scratch, cognac marinated fruit cake (and by scratch, all the fruits were done from scratch)
  • Asian Pear Brandy from Captain Rat Distillates (that would be me)

Coho Salmon puff pastries before cooking:

Roasted fennel:

The full meal deal:

Had company from Georgetown (next neighborhood north of me) – big fun, late night, scandalous photos which you don’t get to see.


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