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Dec '12

Christmas Eve At The Shop.

Dinner At Swandas.

Well, we know one thing – it gets busy the morning of Christmas Eve at the shop, whereas the afternoon was dead. Next year I think we will try 11-5 (Sunday hours) rather than 12-7 (weekday hours).

It was so dead at the end that Jim left about 6:30 and I closed the shop before seven – hopefully no one was disappointed.

It was good to see Drew along with Chip and Linda – of course, they were there during the crush of people before Jim showed up after two. Next year, two people to open, one to close. We’ll see how next week does with New Year’s Eve sales, that might be a later crowd.

Shocked Rob, Jody and Swanda by showing up almost exactly at 7 – they’d just finished two games of “The Night Before Christmas” or some such thing. Nice to have a late dinner so I could miss that! No much of a group games person.

Huge meal of pork loins over roasted root vegetables, roasted Brussels sprouts, a shrimp/slaw cocktail, salad, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something. We were all stuffed and passed on dessert – like any of us needed it.

Home rather early – good to get off the road before the novices take over.

But that doesn’t mean it was early to bed.


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Dinner At Swandas.

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