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Jan '13

Saturday At The Shop, Dinner Up North.

Opened the shop this morning, looked at the sales for the week up to this point. Slow. Not unexpected for January, but still.

There were people through and we were into the low four digits left of the zero, but still.

Jill and Murphy stopped in, Greg and Patsy arrived just as I was leaving… the joys of having friends drop by.

It being just after the first of the month – and that means wine club shipments, it also means lots of dinner invitations so that they get free delivery of their six bottle selections. Well, two dinner invitations. DancingBear tonight and Swanda tomorrow night. Interested in joining the wine club? CLICK HERE. You can find out what shipped this month HERE.

Left the shop a little after 4:30, and was to DancingBear’s place by five. Thankfully he’d restocked the Maker’s Mark since I couldn’t find any olives or a lemon twist for the Bombay Sapphire.

DB had to go pick up BM (BreticusMaximus) at work on First Hill, then get him home, fed, and back to work in an hour. A little crazy, but at least he could drive himself back to work.

Omaha Steaks®, baked potatoes (yes, I ate mine, but not the skin), steamed broccoli, and a bottle of the wine that I delivered – I need to get more friends into the wine club, I’m liking the perks!

Home relatively early, but that doesn’t mean early to bed. After Saturday Night Live, there was the premier of The 206, from the creators of Almost Live that ran for 4 or 5 years and has been repeating ever since. Both a local content comedy shows.


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