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Jan '13

Dentist. UW Surplus. Safeway.

A dentist appointment that has been postponed three times is now a reality at noon.

And it’s the expensive one.

  • X-rays (though now digital so why do they cost so much)
  • Dr. looking in mouth (my, you’d had some really nice work done)
  • Dr. making one minor note for something to look at next year
  • Lots of gas
  • Teeth cleaning
  • $400 bill – no dental insurance

At the UW Surplus sale found 5 toner cartridges for the Faerie Printer (HP Laserjet 4550) at 5 bucks a pop… got to pick those up.

Next is Safeway for more bargain meats, running out of room….

We’ll just call this the “Meat Locker”. Luckily there is a trip to CanadaLand coming up so I’ve got boys to feed.

It’s so bad when your default meal is a steak and salad and an anti-fat absorption pill – and some wine.

So far it’s keep the weight off.


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