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Jan '13

Sunday Off And On The Road Again.

All packed and ready to go at 12:30….and there was still the pop in the front seat. Luckily on the return there will be less stuff after my Vancouver deliveries:

First stop is at the apartment for some books that arrived from Powells.

On the ferry to Whidbey Island with Cartman from South Park on my TomTom GPS – as he said when I started towards the ferry (programmed location into the TomTom on the dock: “Get on the faggoty ferry.”

I might have to see if I can make my own TomTom “surfer dude” file.

And the view from the condo after I’d checked in an hour early

Marybeth arrived around 4:30 sans salad so it she made a quick trip back out before out lovely steak and salad dinner sans her children (she really needed a break).

Tried but failed to go to bed early. And it’s up at 5:30 tomorrow.



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