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Jan '13

Vancouver Day Two.

Work And Play.

First the work, yes, some real billable hours for the first time in months. It’s a project for one of my old clients:

  • Sync up biz card design with website
  • Make Power Point Templates
  • Letterhead Template
  • Print biz cards after design approval

Started with the business card as the look-and-feel has to translate to the smallest piece, then scale upwards.

Here is the view from the dining table where I moved to laptop to facilitate working on Illustrator files:

Not a bad workplace view – reminds me of my pre-Microsoft days at the Journal & Bulletin Agency when my light table (how’s that for a blast from the past) looked down 5th Avenue to the Space Needle.

Tonight for dinner we are having Helene, Greyshard and Home – well, they are coming to dinner. The meal itself is a brisket that I’ve been marinating overnight with some boiled baby potatoes and onions, salad, and wine for Helene and I, beer for Greyshard and home.

Damn tasty.

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Work And Play.

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