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Jan '13

Wine Tasting Followed By A Birthday Party.

An intimate wine tasting this afternoon – a rarity in this business for trade tastings – no having to fight your way to the table (or more importantly, the spit bucket).

These were all wines imported by APS Wine and Spirits out of Oakland whose owner was on-hand to answer questions. Two-thirds French, one-third Italian, and some odd spirits thrown in as well (the oddest being a Green Walnut Liquor. After I tasted all the wines, it was time to at least sample the 40-year-old Grand Champagne Cognac XO:

Here is a great link to all about Grand Champagne Cognac: http://www.wine-searcher.com/regions-cognac+grande+champagne

Just FYI — retail on that bottle in Washington State is $200 — which would mean $140 in California. And yes, I swallowed.

The evening activity was the birthday party of Magnatroius which turned into an amazingly hard-drinking party for a Monday night. They killed that pint of shine in no time flat. Luckily everyone cleared out before 10 (which was when I got home).

Now if I’d gone to bed before 2am.


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