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Feb '13

My Monthly Friday At The Shoppe.

While I work, Jim cleans his house and bakes a big bird – think Turkey.

The event? A ten-year vertical tasting of his various Syrah based wines over the years. Luckily the shindig starts at 7pm which is when I get off work so I won’t be two late since his house if 4 blocks from the shop. Here is a portion of the invitation:

When Pigs Fly

Friday, February 7th


Come join us for a 10 year vertical tasting of

Chateau du Trois des Dindons’ Syrah.

2001 through 2010


I stayed for an hour and a half. Would have stayed longer but all the talking was killing my throat. Home I went to finish the printing of the directory.

Well, not the finish, just more printing, still not done, but at least I didn’t need to fix myself dinner.



2 Responses to “My Monthly Friday At The Shoppe.”

  1. The Senior Colonel Says:

    Markie…what is a “vertical” tasting?

  2. markso Says:

    The answer to your question is… a “vertical tasting” would be X number of years, say 10, of the same wine from the same winemaker. For Jim’s party it was opening bottles of his 2001 Syrah, his 2002 Syrah, his 2003 Syrah — all the way up to 2010 which he had two examples, which would mean a “horizontal” tasting for the 2012. When I left Microsoft I had a 10-year vertical tasting of the Bonny Doon Le Cigare Volante out of Santa Cruz. Some years I had a single bottle, some years I had a couple of splits (half bottles), and for the lucky years, 3 and 5 liter bottles.