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Feb '13

The Last Of The Printing.

Today’s chore is to finish printing:

  • Massage Table Sign-up Sheet
  • Love Lounge Sign-up Sheet
  • Talent Show Sign-Up Sheet
  • Fashion Show Sign-up Sheet
  • Spoken Word Sign-up Sheet
  • Auction Sign-up Sheet
  • Silent Auction Bid Slip

Of course before you can print something you have to redo the layout so it matches the rest of the materials already printed.

Luckily it was only 50 of each and they were 2-up on 8 ½ x 11. Compared to printing the directory, nothing. It took 30 minutes per directory times 200+. I’m too lazy to do the math so I’ll let you, gentle readers, do the math.

A quiet steak dinner a home… but at 10pm company from Dublin (Ireland, not Ohio) arrived for cocktails. They probably should have just stayed at my place for the night rather than catching another cab to their final destination (Anne’s place on Beacon Hill). Seems that this was the only night we could get together before I leave to the Gathering and they leave for the Bay Area.

They left at 1am, I went to bed, having not packed much for tomorrow’s departure.


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