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Feb '13

Off To The Bush.

Apparently I needed sleep, like 11 or 12 hours of sleep because I didn’t get out of bed until noon. Another good reason to just go buy some chains today and drive to the Bush (Breitenbush Hot Springs) rather than carpooling with Mark and Onyx. Means I’ll miss Seth’s company on the return ride back to Portland on Monday, but it also means that I’ll get to Seaside at 4pm rather than closer to 7pm which wouldn’t work since both the Seaside Boy and CaddyDaddy are meeting me at the condo.

A lovely Heavos Ranchero breakfast from the talented Julian, a little computer time, a quick shower and shave and it was out the door by 2pm… in search of chains for the Miata.

No updates until Monday – I’ll still be writing it just that there is no internet in the woods, or cell phone coverage, but there will be ice since I packed the ice machine.

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