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Feb '13

I Swallowed.


Today’s big event is a wine tasting at Marché, a French restaurant in the Pike Place Market area (across from Inn at the Market) featuring a small, but powerful, lineup of Burgundies.

First up was a little Henroit Champagne Blac de Blanc to warm us up for a selection of Reds ranging from $13.99 to $75.59 wholesale from Bouchard Pére & Fils. I swallowed anything in the $50 and above range since there aren’t that many wines that we’ll be tasting today, and I can go home and take a nap. Basically I swallowed 5 of the 11 reds.

It’s interesting that at these Burgundy tastings the suggested order is different than most tasting. Usually it’s bubbles, whites, reds, but in this case it’s bubbles, reds, whites.

Of the selection of Bouchard Pére & Fils whites, the range was $13.99 to $227 wholesale – three swallows out of seven.

And of the William Fevre selection of whites, two swallows out of six with a range of $14.69 to $72.09.

Total swallows for the tasting: ten. And I might add that the pate was stunning with a little course grain mustard on top – yes, it made me eat the baguette.

Home for a nap and then up to stir fry some pork to go over a bed of greens for dinner.

It’s a hard life in the city.


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