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Feb '13

Off To Forks.

Packed and out of the house headed to Forks for a little visit with Chip and Linda, and to deliver a case of wine (+1) that I forgot on my last trip. It might have been cheaper to just UPS it, but then I wouldn’t get to see them and share a lovely bottle of the 2010 Bonny Boon Le Cigar Volant Blanc Reserve.

It’s not often that I end up with a $50 bottle (retail) of white wine in my cooler. Luckily because I’m in the trade I get 30% off, and I’m grandfathered in on free shipping. Why do I feel like I’m repeating myself. Anyway, if you click on the bottle you can read all about it. The interesting thing about this Blanc Reserve is that it’s aged in carboys, you know, those 5 gallon glass jugs. Give the wine a slight cloudiness, but it’s damn tasty. Guess I’d better share the other bottle with Jim and Suze.

Got to Forks at 4 and the kids were actually mostly done with work for the day so there was time to just sit around and chat. I brought some fabric that I’d picked up in Hawaii to show Linda since we are both fabric whores – she’s the one that helped me sewing the wolf/mint hoodie last year.

Here is one of them:

And the other:

What amazed me is after an amazing dinner of stew and fresh bread, that Linda volunteer to sew a yukata (Japanese style bathrobe) out of the space shuttle unloading pineapples and a Hawaiian shirt out the the Japanese cats in the city fabric.

Wine delivery certainly has its perks.

Left them a little shine as well.


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