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Mar '13

Exploding Printers

Spent the day running errands and preparing for dinner with Swanda who was kind enough to brings some packages from the apartment. When he moves next month I guess I’m going to have to build a package drop at the house. I’m really going to miss the free package service. Sigh.

A lovely steak dinner with a salad – which Swanda didn’t touch as he’d eaten a bag of lettuce as a salad for lunch. Just straight protein and a Bonny Doon Nebbiolo – man that was one tasty bottle of wine.

Another wine that is too expensive for everyday drinking ($45 retail). Sigh.

After Swanda retreated back to his place I installed a new magenta toner cartridge in the big printer with disastrous results….

What a mess to clean up… and now my vaccum clear intake is all magenta as well. Sigh.



2 Responses to “Exploding Printers”

  1. Susan Campbell Says:

    I have one like yours and with non HP cartridges it does the same thing. I need to get rid of it hasn’t been used in two years.

  2. markso Says:

    Too funny — I’m looking at getting rid of mine and just using my 11×17 black and white printer when I need big docs — those OEM cartridges are just too damn expensive.