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Mar '13

Good Day At The Shop.

A good day at the shop for a Sunday, not 4 digits, but triple last week’s terrible Sunday. Half the sales in the first hour, half the sales in the last hour. Too bad there wasn’t a place to take a nap in between.

Closed up at 5 and headed back to the hood for yet another rib eye steak and salad dinner – three nights in a row, but at least it’s quick and easy after a full day at the office (I mean shop).

The rest of my evening was spent packing for tomorrow’s trip to Hong Kong to visit an old buddy of mine (and Fluffernutters).

  • Cameras – check
  • Tote bag – check
  • Pigletté books to fill out Michaels collection – check
  • Clothes for transit – check
  • Clothes for the city -check
  • Clothes for the beach – check

Actually went to bed after the news as it’s a 5:30am wake-up call.



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