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Mar '13

Open The Shop, Close The Opera.

Time to open the shop this morning… and exactly two sales from 11am-2pm, and then the tasting started. That saved our bacon. Sold all but 7 bottles from the 5 cases, and took special orders for 3 more cases.

Luckily the bottles made it to 4pm – I was worried. What was really fun was that the importer was here to tell about the wines (as well as the distributor’s rep) and he brought along a couple of “library” wines to try. Library wines are older vintages of the same wine that aren’t in distribution, or very limited distribution. As he said, that the 2004 was a personal bottle of his, and the last one.

Then at 4pm the crowds dropped off so I was able to get off a little early and check into The Camlin for the night. The plan:

  • Cocktails at the Camlin (though not in the Cloud Room champagne glass that I brought to give to place for their little museum in the basement)
  • Dinner at DragonFish (to work on getting my sake punched)
  • Monorail to Seattle Center
  • La Bohomé at the Seattle Opera in my lovely box seats (last season for those)
  • Cab back to the Camlin
  • Nightcaps
  • Bedtime

All dressed up:

Hard to believe that he is 30. He got carded at the Opera House when we ordered drinks. Later in the evening (nightcaps) when I mentioned I was 56 he was shocked. Apparently he thought I was in my 40’s — nicest compliment in a long time.

And on the monorail:

My big worry is remembering that it’s Daylight Savings Time and not oversleeping in the morning since I have to open the shop.


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