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Mar '13

Normal Friday.

I love my clients – one day I get a “we are slammed, check back in a couple of weeks for our comments”, and then less than 24 hours later… comments come in. Something for me to work on this weekend.

Meanwhile I’m on the search for replacement plastic bags that we use at the shop… ours are two thin to meet the cities ban on plastic shopping bags….

Alas, no easy solution.

Well, the easy solution is to use up the rest of the two bottle bags (above) and then use up all the four bottle bags (at least a six month supply) and then switch to paper – thicker plastic are almost twice the price and you all know how frugal Jim and I are (old bags were .06 each, new closer to .12).

Lots of catching up on email, snail mail, you name it.

Patrick showed up a little after seven for night number two – he’s off for DC in the morning.

And for today’s picture, one from the lobby of the hotel in Hong Kong…

Vinotherapy – what a wonderful concept. That would be about $15USD.

[214.0] Blame all the sushi rice.

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