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Mar '13

More Feedstock Arrives.

I was just out of the shower when the phone rang… delivery of feedstock:

It was supposed to be 10 cases (which was on the bill), but turns out it was 10 1/3 cases. A free extra four bottles.

Le Conte des Floris Ares Blanc 2005 which is 60% Marsanne, 15% Terret Bourret and 25% Carignan Blanc. Let’s face it… most white wines don’t last eight years in the bottle unless they are pricey White Burgundies. See previous posts on expensive French White Wines.

$1 a bottle doesn’t count in this category. I also have H20Blanco showing up next week with a couple of cases of his Elderberry Wine that isn’t as good as it should be. Looks like it’s going to be busy in the kitchen next week.

I close the shop today, but by the time I got there I was feeling sort of green – semi-nauseous. Apparently I looked it as well – Jim commented that I didn’t have much color. I declined his offer to just go home. We don’t have a wine rep today so that would just be crazy.

OK day at the shop – cleared the lower hurdle for an OK Saturday. Let’s pray for another good Sunday tomorrow.

Home at 7:30 to make a little chicken dinner and update all sorts of stuff.

Still lots of stuff on the plate for tomorrow at the shop. Some of it even wine shop related.

Back in the saddle again.


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