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Mar '13

CaddyDaddy For Dinner.

Maybe That Should Be Dinner With CaddyDaddy.

Took off around no one to run errands (Post Office to drop off taxes and other things and Safeway for food) and on my return found CaddyDaddy waiting for me. Usually he comes up mid-afternoon. Not this trip. Luckily he knows the combination to the side gate and the code for the key box with house key inside.

Lots of things on our agenda in addition to dinner:

  • Book his trip with his mother to San Diego using my last $99 companion fare that can be used for First Class
  • Find a rental car that doesn’t cost a fortune
  • Print out all the booking confirmations
  • Book what might or might not be my birthday trip – the reverse course of my May Princess Cruise coming up in six weeks
  • Talk about his budget for my birthday trio ($1200)
  • Talk about maybe the Trans-Canada ViaRail run instead of another cruise
  • Or maybe cruise from Seattle to Vancouver before the one we booked… which we would have to do on a different ship since for some reason they wouldn’t let us book back-to-back trips on the Golden Princess. I suspect it’s because you clear US Customs in Vancouver.

Followed by more cleaning and organizing – mostly so I could unbury the spare bed in the office.

More lamb for tonight’s dinner – this time those little T-Bones. Salad for me, salad and saffron rice for CaddyDaddy since he’s on a diet management plan to keep his diabetes under control.

Stayed up way too late reading scholarship applications for my endowed scholarship at The Evergreen State College. Not sure why there were only 6 applicants this year, last year we had 24 (which was painful as it took hours of reading). Also not sure why next year’s scholarship amount is half what this year’s is. Will need to follow up on that.

If you want to read an article they did on me four years ago, here is the link: http://www.evergreen.edu/annualreport/2009/souder.htm

Too bad I couldn’t get CaddyDaddy interested in reading as well – last year we read them all on the deck of the military hotel in Waikiki…. Ah, sun, I remember that.


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Maybe That Should Be Dinner With CaddyDaddy.

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