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Mar '13

Scholarship Time,

After Shop Time.

Opened the shop today, and it was dead until 1pm, so basically two hours of quiet time, then, by 1:30 when Jim showed up, $450 in sales. The “whale” showed up – he tends to by his wine by the case and half-case from the Saturday tastings and then picks them up the next week. We love our whale – wish he’d find a pod to bring in.

Left Jim running the shop after the tasting and headed home for dinner with Roxy – my soon to be boss.

Tonight’s activity before and after dinner is to read the scholarship applications that arrived on Friday. I did my reading last night so I’ll be cooking while he’s reading. Apparently, reading scholarship applications and awarding money based on those application is on Roxy’s “Bucket List”. I mean, I like doing it, but not sure I’d consider it a bucket list item. Apparently in his job interview at Nordstrom he said is eventual goal in the Corporation was to end up in their philanthropic wing.

And he’s pretty good at it – he caught two applicants that shared exact wording between their two applications:

Both were in their cover letters. Not knowing who filched from whom, we disqualified both of them – but even my initial rating of the papers, they were at the bottom of the rankings.

Since Roxy is a pescatarian, it was a fish meal – guess I should have had him over yesterday since aren’t we in Lent?

An amazing after-dinner conversation about the direction of the company that we both now work for (well, for me, starting Monday). Seems the owners want to divest themselves of the company and Roxy thinks it should be turned into a Foundation like the Newman Foundation, with the profits of the business going for scholarships at the various schools we service which would make a GREAT marketing pitch tool to get other schools to join in. Roxy on the operations end, me on the sales/management end, the original owners on the board of the foundation. I guess I know how my next seveal months are going to be filled – working on a business plan.

To bed too late as usual – must start retraining body to be out of the house by 9:15am.


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After Shop Time.

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