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Mar '13

Easter Sunday.

And The Return Of Couchsurfers.

Easter Sunday at the shop – some panicked people needing wine for the lamb (or whatever). I was surprised that we did as well as we did on the till.

Had to rush home and meet some CouchSurfers on my porch – two gay boys from Las Cruces. Reminds me that I need to get to that chunk of New Mexico to see the new SpacePort for Virgin.

Click on the picture for a link to VirginGalactic’s site. And then there is the SpacePort site itself: http://spaceportamerica.com/

In honor of Easter, tonight’s menu is:

  • Salad
  • Saffron-Raisin Rice
  • Salad
  • Jerked Lamb Shoulder Cuts
  • Two Pinot’s from the shop that Jim and I were sampling (out of four) as to what to stock

Lots of fun after dinner with the “fur parade”.

Nice boys – the only downside is having to give up my bed to be a good host.

Oh well. Now I have a place to stay in Las Cruses.


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And The Return Of Couchsurfers.

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