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Apr '13

Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

Day 15 of 16 straight days on some job or the other. And I seem to have added yet another job running the Washington office of a Nevada-based corporation that specializes in California real estate. Basically I’m providing office space and professional services like handling incoming mail and either holding or scanning and emailing it to Japan where their other office is. Old buddy of mine – not terribly lucrative — $100 a month but with a workload of maybe an hour a month. They also had me (separate invoice) design their logo:

It’s not quite done yet, need to match the crossbar weight to the thin stroke.

So, when I came home from the wine shop and the wine tasting I must have jiggled the phone cord running to the router… no internet. In researching the problem I came across another dreaded sugar ant invasion. It seems they like the warmth of electronic equipment. Notice all the little black dots… this was after I hit with the Botanical Raid – kitchen safe, orange oil based:

And there are more to the right by the transformer – bastards, they are impossible to get rid of on a permanent basis.

Tonight’s protein – Caribbean Jerk seasoned rolled pork roast:

Wrapped in bacon:

Cooked to perfection:

A little much for one, but it will make great leftovers.


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