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Apr '13

Half A Day Work,

Half A Day Missy.

Work at the print shop in the morning – it’s starting to pick up a bit. Not much time for counting out things in anticipation on the rush.

Swung by the shop to pick up a package:

  • Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth keyboard
  • Bluetooth mouse

These are for the Windows Tablet that shows up tomorrow. Cool design on the keyboard:

Once the cover comes off it turns into a stand for your tablet. For fun, tired making it work with my Nokia 810 – no luck. It would see the keyboard and the mouse, but wouldn’t let them connect. Oh well:

Still love my new phone.

Dinner tonight is with the wonderful Missy, who, just back from Yoga is looking soooo much better than when she arrived last night. Let’s get her well enough that she can take over my yard work!

If the tablet works out the way I’m hoping, might just make her a sweet deal on my Kindle Fire with it’s multiple covers.


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Half A Day Missy.

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