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Apr '13

Another Full Day At The Print Shop.

Final One.

10 to 6, half an hour for lunch that I usually eat on my “10-minute” breaks. A quarter of the orders today so it was a mellow day – no mistakes which is good.

Big news I got in the afternoon – SeasideBoy is getting married, in August, to the guy he moved in with 4.5 weeks ago (plus one overnight in Seaside and 6 months of on-line correspondence).

I had the sense that is was getting serious, though not THAT serious. I’m not surprised even after 2.5 years of us seeing each other monthly or so – the new guy has 150+ pounds on me (and SB likes them hefty) and is apparently a total “gamer” as in video games as is SB, as is new guy’s brother. They’ve been going out to movies, dinner, lots of trips to the casino, all things I’m way too cheap to pick up the tab for. I offered to print the wedding invitations, he offered to invite me. That would be weird, especially if I took CaddyDaddy as my date.

Home before 7, dinner before 9, ordered a few more things for the new tablet PC:

  • 64gig SD card to double the system memory
  • HDMI to VGA cable to add additional monitor
  • 25 foot HDMI cable for travelling

The cables were cheap, the memory card $39 which isn’t bad considering how expensive large SD cards used to be. If all these things work as planned, I’ll retire the living room server and cut down the serious noise pollution and energy waste.

Half day tomorrow at the print shop.


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Final One.

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