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Apr '13

When White Wine Turns “Not So Good”.

A month ago or so I scored 10 ¼ cases of white wine cheap. Here is what I got:

2005 Domaine Le Conte des Floris Arès Blanc is made from Marsanne (60%), Carignan Blanc (25%), and Terret Bourret (15%). 13.5% alcohol by volume
The estate Le Conte des Floris is a small exploitation of about 7 ha (17 acres) which is located between Pezenas, Caux and Gabian and was created in 2000. The winery is situated in the village of Caux, in an old cellar dating from the beginning of the 20th century. All our wines are worked without pesticide, insecticide or engrais. The harvest are handmade and the grapes are picked in small boxes of 12kg (26 lb) after selection within the wines. The wine is kept in small barrels during at least 15 months.

Don’t you love machine translated French – or at least that’s what it sounds like to me.

Originally this white wine was in the $15-$20 retail range. I like the buck a bottle price I paid for it – not that it’s undrinkable, but it isn’t pleasant. I have MUCH better uses for this wine tomorrow. Heavy reds you can cellar – don’t cellar light whites.

As for the shop today, dead, dead, dead – even with the sun out, or maybe that was to problem.

Came home, did a couple of chicken breast in molè and called it a night.


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