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Apr '13

Freedom Monday

Odd To Say That On Tax Day.

Nothing like a little freedom – my one day off this week. Must be time to run some things through the still.

During the runs there was plenty of time to surf the web for a couple of things I need for the office:

Network card for my HP printers – the one I have is dead on the 4550 and on the 4100 it’s on its last leg. With shipping, $30 for two of them – tested and guaranteed.

Magenta toner cartridge for the 8550 – which are ridiculously expensive from HP, and we call remember the luck I had with the last “off-brand”, but ScottyDog says that the Xerox ones are high quality. Hope so, I don’t want another explosion of toner. $88 with free shipping. Much cheaper than the $240 of the HP cartridges, that said, they are good for 12,000 pages at 5% coverage.

Also worked on the announcement for my father’s memorial service. Not really looking forward to it – is anyone ever?

Quite evening around the house, just me and the gurgling still.


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Odd To Say That On Tax Day.

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